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Full Name: Abbigail Muriel Holfdanardttir
Shadow Name: Kelda Verdandi
Date of Birth: All Hallow's Eve '82
Apparent Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Occupation: Researcher/Fortune Teller
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Order: Invisible College
Path: Thyrsus
Cabal: TBD
Legacy: TBD
Status: Invisible College ●
Origins: Bergen

Played By: Neila Fynn


Maybe Fate isn't the pond you swim in but the fisherman floating on top of it,
letting you run the line wild until you are weary enough to be reeled back in.

    - JODI PICOULT, Vanishing Acts

  Abbi is fairly new to town. A former researcher for one of the Bergen universities, she now uses some of the knowledge she pulled together as well as a set of trusty stones to offer fortunes told for a price. Perhaps she is just researching in a different method now, hard to say.


  • Casting Runes
  • Stories
  • Blind as a bat.
  • Research

 Long black lashes, framing deep chocolaty dark eyes, are one of this girl's most memorable traits, when they are visible from behind her oft worn dark shades. Their focus lost someplace in the distance. Framing her features is lustrous and scintillating hair that oft-coveted blue-black hue, but its own weight makes it flatten out on top and hang in arrow-straight tresses with little body or bounce. With her high forehead the effect is rather like a midnight waterfall that frames the young woman's visage, strands trickling and spilling in rivulets over the stems of her round wire-frame glasses and occasionally washing over one side entirely. Longer in the front than the back in a reverse wedge. Her bangs being her one concession to color, as it seems someone dyed them a vibrant shade of bluish-purple. Her small nose is down turned, and in profile flat, as is typical of her mixed Norse heritage. High cheekbones swoop steeply into a narrow chin as her face is completed by lips so full they almost seem out of place on her diminutive features. A small piercing gleaming against the deep rose of her lower lip.
 Standing all of a height of five feet even, Abbigail has a slender build, curved by womanhood, though it is most often obscured by loose-and-free choice of clothing. Today seems to be a different story. Slim shoulders are ensconced within a modified bolero jacket. Her shoulders left bare and the coat, acting more like a vest to frame the leather top that encases her torso. A dull shaded zipper running up the middle of the front, closed all the way to the top. The sides and back of this garment taper downwards to nearly touch the top of her low-rider cargo pants in the back, framing what tone she has managed to get to her stomach.
 The low-slung pair of raven's wing khaki cargo pants that have seen better days. The pockets of those cargos seemingly holding an assortment of items within, from the bits poking out of this or that one of them. The look is completed by an almost incongruously feminine touch of a pair of light chains wrapping the ankle of her left boot. The bright slender chains almost a glowing foil against the dusky charcoal of the calf-high boots. All in all, she has a pleasantly disheveled appearance that is suited to her relaxed but serious demeanor and balanced between any true extremes to give her a simple sense of defiant self-confidence.
 Finishing out this outfit though is a long slender chain wrapping round and round her throat and ending in a small pendent of a broken rune. Her hands and arms cloaked in a pair of black fingerless arm warmers that end half-way up her upper arms. And of course her ever present walking stick remains at her side. The white shade of it chipped here and there from use, though the red bands near the tip remain vibrant yet.

Abbi2.jpg Abbi3.jpg The Norns.jpg


  • Torgot - Mentor 3
  • Lax - He keeps showing her around.
  • Cairn - Sister Norn.
  • Mariner - Are you now my guardian?



  • Other People Can Leave a Thing Here
  • I watch the quiet and fragile ones closest, mind, but for now you're as pleasant as any I've met in Edinburgh. - Mariner
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