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Date of Birth: 11/01/1981
Apparent Age: Early to Mid 30's
Occupation: Security at Greyfriars
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath

Order: Steel Legion 2
Path: Moros
Cabal: The Long Game
Legacy: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Origins: Bergen



“Evil thoughts can hide, I'll help release the mind. I'll peel away the skin, release the dark within.”

M. Shadows

A Bit of History..
  Not much is known of Cairn outside of her being a member of the Steel Legion and a Moros. She came from Bergen back in September with not much more than a backpack and escorting a member of the Silver Ladder to the city. Since she's been here she's kept to the shadows mostly. Mainly due to her past. She's originally from Edinburgh..but she's not been here in quite sometime and the last time she left it wasn't on the best of terms.

Get Hooked..

  • Death
  • Fighting
  • The Long Game. Cairn is the Knight of the Cabal. All disputes go through her.
  • Steel Legion
  • Sign Language? Yes..there's a long story. Cairn can speak. But it's a rough time.

Music of the Night

Cairnnew1.jpg Cairnnew2.jpg Cairnmainnew1.jpg Cairnnew4.jpg Cairnnew5.jpg Cairnnew6.jpg Cairnfeet.jpg Cairntat.jpg SeanPB.jpg

Played by Katerina Martinovska.

Those That Mean Something..

  • Aesun - Mentor, Adopted Da, My Captain. Lay a finger on him and I'll remove it and feed it to you.
  • Epikoros - The King. Quiet and I can get behind that.
  • Keating - The Rook. Fellow of Bergen. It's been awhile..but you still have an easy smile. Maybe that will work for both of us.
  • Lohengrin - I hope to catch up with you. It's good to truly smile.
  • Hildr - Another Norn. Moros. Legion. Friend. Sorry I'm not too talkative.
  • Lacrosse - Legion. Used to be the keeper of the couch. It's good to see him again.
  • Mariner - I'm not much of a talker. You understand that. I won't punch you.
  • Abbigail - Fellow Norn! I wouldn't underestimate her just because she's blind.
  • Wulfdun - Legion. He talks!
  • Gaheris - My cabalmate seems to think little of you. Does the bode well?
  • Lono - Doctor?
  • Mathias - New Thyrsus..
  • Dextra - Where on earth did you find those tights?!


What's Said..

  • "Neato Keeno I like this woman alot. If she has my back in a fight my big mouth shan't be trouble. Well too much trouble." --Tinker
  • "You have a startling affinity for the dead over the living. Hard to see this as a pro, but I'll try." - Mariner
  • "Cairn's smart, she doesn't make snap judgments, and she has a startling compassion that guides her actions. Part of what makes her a good mage, and a good friend." --Epikoros
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