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Mage.png Character Generation

The Player's Guide

Revelations' Players Guide aims to assist you through character generation, starting with the core mechanics of the New World of Darkness (nWoD) system. Each part navigates the crucial elements in theme and setting, paring down the details to the essential bits. Tips are provided to help you create an exciting character well-grounded in the game world.

  • Starting: What you're getting into -- Mage Quick Start.
  • Part One: House rules used on Revelations.
  • Part Two: Approved content from the Mage: the Awakening books.
  • Part Three: The five-fold path of Awakened magic.
  • Part Four: The five Orders and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • Part Five: XP costs per item.

CharGen Appendices

These appendices break down the requirements for new characters and dispel any confusion about how our coded character generation system works. Admin and player tips accompany the step-by-step walkthrough to make the process as painless as possible. The most difficult work may be deciding what to play!

  • Part Six: Basic rules pertaining to CharGen.
  • Part Seven: A walkthrough of CharGen, room by room.
  • Part Eight: Revelations' background guide.

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