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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Dean Village


Dean Village has a firmly residential character rooted in its artisan past. No fewer than eleven grain mills once plied the reed-fringed Waters of Leith flowing towards the North Sea, taken over today by cottages and converted warehouses decorated in Tudor and Georgian brick architecture. Long an impoverished community afflicted by suicide and crime, gentrification stripped most signs of blight. Mills now house posh family homes, while art studios and jetset professionals fill the airy lofts. Saloon cars and German sedans left at curbs and car parks hint at the mobile social classes edging out elderly residents. Pockets of business interspersed among the sandstone rowhouses cater to upscale customers.

Leafy trees line the terraces that follow the steep slopes down towards the Dean Gardens, a natural preserve flanking the sinuous river along its shallow course. Wading birds stalk the fringes in search of fish, more commonly fed bread by walkers on the many paths strung through the park. Birdsong echoes across the estate grounds of Dean Cemetery over the wall, a major draw for students and residents seeking a peaceful refuge. The Scottish Galleries of Modern Art stand opposite one hairpin bends in an idyllic parkland setting, and the popular Water of Leith walkway links the village to its neighbours along the north shore.


Zone: Central
Grid: D3
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: Arches
Affiliations: None

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