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Logo.jpg Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
  • Q: What do I need to do to get started?
A: Type create Name password at the game connect screen to make a character object.
Further instructions for new MU*ers are in our help guide and in our tutorial rooms on game. Type +tutorial to see the commands.
  • Q: Do I need a forum account?
A: Register your character name to see our discussions and information boards. Our in-game +bboards cover IC news and events.
  • Q: Do I have to have any books to play?
A: Yes, you need Mage: the Awakening. We assume you have access to Mage: the Awakening.
  • Q: How do I unfreeze my character?
A: Submit a +request. An admin will contact you to discuss current events and rejoining the sphere. Unfreezing may not be an option for characters in extenuating circumstances.

General FAQ
  • Q: What's the theme of Revelations?
A: In a word: upheaval.
A once-wealthy, now stagnating city teeters on the brink against a backdrop of global woes. Mages see the signs of impending change wherever they look, but they know too well their illustrious leaders resist any loss of power or status. Those with the influence to speak out have not, and rebellion foments among the Lumen Society to bring change before the log jam breaks and sweeps away everything before it. The Royal Society isn't the only one with a stake in the unimagined arcane wealth.
  • Q: What nWod games do you offer?
A: Mage the Awakening. Second Sight is available for NPCs.
  • Q: What books are used here?
A: The core World of Darkness sourcebook, Mage the Awakening rulebook, and Tome of the Mysteries. Other books are listed in the Sphere Info pages. We do not use Shadows Across the UK.
  • Q: Do I have to know the World of Darkness system or theme?
A: Our newbie-friendly admins and players will help you learn the system, and our wiki pages give a sense of the environment. At the very least we recommend you have the Mage: the Awakening core rulebook.

  • Q: How can I gain experience points?
A: +Votes are the primary source for XP. You gain XP for running or participating in plots and game contributions, like @descs, code or other projects.
  • Q: How can I ask for a rule or content in unapproved rulebooks to be reviewed?
A: Inquire about the specific material in a +request and include the source. Try to limit yourself to one request at a time. Admins reserve the right to decide what best suits the game.
  • Q: Can I submit original material, like a Merit or Legacy?
A: Yes. Drop the details in a +request for admins to review.
  • Q: Do I get XP or an XP break for ideas I create?
A: Any original content is purchased at normal cost. You may receive an XP award for contributions.

  • CharGen FAQ - Questions about the World of Darkness system.

Sphere FAQs
  • Mage FAQ - Questions asked about Mage: the Awakening.
  • Mortal FAQ - Questions regarding mortals and Sighted.

  • Q: What's going on in-game?
A: See our History pages for the timeline of events.
  • Q: What sort of day-to-day RP can I find?
A: The moods and themes of roleplay are as varied as the characters. You might be a new mage learning spells from a mentor, tasked by a Steel Legionnaire hunting anonymous threats or dealing with a suspicious neighbour. RP might be in a cemetery, a ruined castle or the busiest club in the city. Admins encourage players to run plots with as few restrictions as possible, so you can tell the stories you want.
What do you want to do? We can make that happen.
  • Q: What's the overall RP environment for mages?
A: Young mages with very different agenda are drawn to Edinburgh by the unfolding chaos and uncertainty. Change is coming, one way or another. Everyone has a stake in the protection of a great centre or its collapse. Some come to support the status quo, and reap the favours and renown sure to come. Others want nothing more than to undermine the Royal Society for their own gain. Powerful mentors have a hand in dispatching the most promising candidates -- you -- to meddle with the future. The potential for wealth, knowledge, power, and renown is great, but the risks are even greater.
  • Q: How easy is RP to find?
A: Revelations' structure encourages developing RP ties and connections from the start. Come from an allied Consilium for instant ties to others. Admins proactively introduce characters with similar interests and encourage creating and joining cabals. The wiki, channels, +events code and the +bboards facilitate finding RP.
Storytelling focuses on small scenes with NPCs and larger plots that involve participation from all angles. Our Player-Run Plot policies encourage getting out and having fun with a minimum of fuss.
  • Q: Can my mage be related to another character?
A. No. Related mages are extremely rare.

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