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White Wolf

Hard copies for the core rulebooks for White Wolf can be purchased in bookstores, gaming stores, and numerous online outlets. DriveThruRPG is the best one-stop shop for digital or print copies, particularly since they started Print on Demand service. Onyx Path is handling releases of new Mage: the Awakening material.

System Information:

Scottish Resources

Source Material:

Edinburgh & Scotland:

Roman Scotland

Mage Resources


  • Arcana Guide: Detailed descriptions of each Arcana level.
  • Cheat Sheet: A compiled summary of spellcasting rules from advanced prolongation to paradox.
  • Spell List: A comprehensive list of canon spells.
  • Paradox Guide: Step by step guide to figuring out Paradox penalties.

Mage: the Awakening Basics:

Elgin's Spellcasting Guide
Spellcasting Guide.png

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