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Mage.png Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Royal Society stands as the foremost authority on magic in Great Britain, rivalling the prestige of Londonium and glory of any Continental or American hold. Its enduring strength lies not on the foundations of its achievements or the treasures held under its lock and key, but its Fellows. Only the Senior Fellows know the precise details of membership and the uncanny ability for Fellows to punch well above their weight further distorts the impression of size. Whether fifty or fifteen hundred Fellows claim affiliation and privilege with the Royal Society, they fall into a distinct structure first originated during the age of Newton and Boyle.


The Hierarch performs day to day functions for the Royal Society and acts to break any ties in Council votes. The official title used in rituals and formal affairs corresponds to the ruling Arcanum of the season (see below). The Hierarch presides over cases except in a clear conflict of interest, and may force a trial or overturn a case.

Provosts act as gatekeepers and assistants to the Councilors.

Heralds communicate between the Royal Society and its cabals, induct new members, and handle visitors.

Sentinels provide security at official events and for the Royal Society's holdings, in addition to enforcing Council decrees.

Speakers represent the views of their cabals in all proceedings, and fellows are mages who hold membership in the Consilium.

Fellows have no independent voice in official proceedings unless acknowledged by the Council as Honorary Fellows, a role typically reserved for magisters or experts. Senior Fellows refer to the Councilors, Provosts, and Hierarch.


The current Hierarch belongs to the seat of Matter. Urien holds the post until the winter equinox, the position will pass to the seat of Prime, Lleu. Urien's previous term as the Councilor of Death was marked by deteriorating economic stability and social unrest at large, and concern within the Royal Society for the financial security of its holdings. Numerous requests for aid passed to his office, and Heralds entreated with Awakened from across Europe seeking temporary refuge or permanent membership. He rebuffed a petition to accept a visiting American cabal interested in monitoring phenomena, causing a diplomatic rift with the Consilium of Dallas.

The Senior Council

Senior Fellows elected to five year terms represent the five paths in the Royal Society of Edinburgh. A Councilor may recognize any mage as a Fellow. Simple majorities determine decisions and trials.

The five year cycle begins on the Subtle Arcana when the title of Hierarch passes to the Councilor of Prime. At the winter solstice, the Hierarch assumes the symbolic title of Councilor of Forces unless circumstances force a new election. Councilors rotate through the position of Hierarch at the summer and winter solstices following a system based on the Atlantean pentacle.

Ranks and File
Title Path Order Status Held By
Hierarch Moros Steel Legion ●●●●● Urien
Councilor Acanthus Silver Ladder ●●●●+ Niniane
Councilor Mastigos Guardians ●●●●+ Connery
Councilor Obrimos Silver Ladder ●●●●+ Lleu
Councilor Thyrsus Lumen Society ●●●●+ Wallace
Provost - Acanthus Moros Guardians ●●●● Uathach
Provost - Mastigos Obrimos Lumen Society ●●●● Maxwell
Provost - Moros Mastigos Silver Ladder ●●●● Agrivain
Provost - Obrimos Thyrsus Invisible College ●●●● Broichan
Provost - Thyrsus Acanthus Silver Ladder ●●●● El Toro
Herald Acanthus Lumen Society ●●● Dextra
Herald Obrimos Guardians ●●● Sinister
Sentinel Obrimos Steel Legion ●●+ Ywain
Sentinel Thyrsus Steel Legion ●●+ Faoladh

The Atlantean Pentacle

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