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Mage.png House Rules: Creative Thaumaturgy

Creative Thaumaturgy

Players may submit homebrew spells for review and approval by the admins. No more than one may be submitted at a time. Mages need the required Arcana for the spell in order to learn it in play, though creative thaumaturgy can be submitted at any time. Rotes require mastery (5 dots) in an Arcana to create.

Submittal Process:

  • Submit the details of the spell via +request.
  • Use the published Mage spell format, and include practice, aspect, and all mechanics.
  • Note any referenced spells. (e.g., "Effect works like Death 2 'Shadow Sculpting,' except for light.")

Approval Process:

  • Creative thaumaturgy approval is not guaranteed.
  • Directors have final say over approved creative thaumaturgy.
  • Spell descriptions and mechanics may be revised for suitability during the course of play.
  • All approved CT will be posted as a strictly OOC reference.

Pending Content
  • Delve the Unconscious (Mind 2) - Epikoros

Approved Content

No spells have been approved.

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