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Mage.png House Rules: Equipment

The core Mage rules are intended for tabletop play rather than a persistent venue, so special considerations may be necessary to facilitate play in a MU* environment. Clarifications provide further detail or amend an existing rule. Administration will provide a reason whenever a ruling occurs. Established rulings are subject to change.

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No equipment house rules are in effect at this time.

Limits on Bonuses

Bonuses added to an item from Arcana do not stack. Only the highest bonus applies.

Common Weapons

These weapons are unlikely to run afoul of Scotland's strict controls on firearms and dangerous weapons.

Type Damage Size Cost Special Source
Belt Sander -2(L) 2/N ** Improvised. Two-handed. +1 STR requirement if used one handed. Armory
Blowtorch -1(L) fire 2/S *** Improvised. Maximum damage 3 Armory
Bottle 0(B/L) 1/P n/a Improvised. Fragile 2 Armory
Brass Knuckles 1(B) 1/P * This weapon uses Brawl instead of Weaponry Armory
Catch Pole 0(B) 3/N * Two-handed. +1 STR requirement if used one handed. Armory
Chain 1(B) 1/S n/a Improvised, -1 penalty Armory
Chainsaw -2(L) 8/again 3/N * Improvised. +1 Defense. Armory
Club 2(B) 2/J n/a Armory
Combat Knife 1(L) 1/S * Armory
Crash Axe 2(L) 2/L * Armory
Fire Axe 3(L) 3/N * Armory
Fishing Gaff -1(*L) 3/N * Improvised. Armory
Flare -2(L) fire 1/S * Improvised. Maximum damage 4 Armory
Hatchet 1(L) 1/S * Armory
Homemade Sap 0(B) variable n/a Improvised. Stun (Stamina), fragile 2 Armory
Ice Axe 2(L) 2/J * Armor Piercing +1 Armory
Nail Gun 0(L) 2/J * Improvised. Strength + Firearms, 1 extra success Armory
Paperback Novel 0(B) 1/S n/a Improvised. Fragile 3. This weapon uses Brawl instead of Weaponry Custom
Pocket Knife -1(L) 1/P * Fragile 3, +1 to some Crafts rolls Armory
Post-Hole Digger 1(L) 4/N ** Improvised. Armory
Power Cord 1(B) 1/P n/a Improvised. Armory
Power Drill 0(L) 1/S * Improvised. Armor Piercing 1 Armory
Quarterstaff 2(B) 4/N * +1 Defense Armory
Razor Blade -2(L) 1/P n/a Improvised. Damage 0(L) in a grapple, drop on a failure Armory
Rock 0(B) 1/P n/a Improvised. Drop on a failure Armory
Sap 1(B) /P1 * Knockout (WoD p. 168) Armory
Screwdriver 0(L) 1/S * Improvised. Armor Piercing 1 Armory
Scythe 2(L) 4/N * Improvised. +1 Defense. Likely to draw attention. Armory
Shakuhachi Flute 0(B) 1/S * +1 to some Wits + Expression rolls Armory
Shard of Glass -1(L) 1/J n/a Improvised. Inflicts 1 lethal on user, fragile 2 Armory
Shiv 0(L) 1/P n/a Improvised. Armory
Shovel 1(B) 3/N * Improvised. Full lethal damage on exceptional success. Armory
Sledgehammer 2(B) 9/again 3/N * Improvised. Armory
Stake 1(L) 1 n/a The attacker must target the heart (-4 penalty) and do a minimum of three points of damage in a single attack. Armory
Stun Gun n/a 1/P * Armory
Switchblade 0(L) 1/P * Illegal Armory
Telescopic Baton 3(B) 2/J * Collapses to Size 1/S Armory
Tonfa (Nightstick) 2(B) 2/J * +1 Defense Armory

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