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Mage.png Consilium: Signet Library


Every jewel needs its setting, and the Royal Society resides in unsurpassed grandeur at Caledonia's basalt heart of temporal and mystical power. Stately white marble columns tracing the length of the long hall support the weight of the Royal Mile on slender acanthus capitals, inlaid by sigils painted with semi-precious gemdust. Casement bookcases preserve collected occult knowledge, receding into the background on a relentless march. Ornate cryptids entwine the balustrade enfolding the upper balcony, the mythical creatures tamed by emblems of the respective paths: coins, vines, crowns, arrows, helixes. Thistle purple carpets cushion the feet over an interlocking parquetry floor cut from polished stones, the fine channels running between them divided into an intricate mandala too great in scope to appreciate from below.

Tables and chairs occupy the grand hall when in session, all facing forward towards a slightly raised podium which takes full advantage of the superb acoustics. Diffused light limns Georgian astragal windows containing radiant depictions of arcane symbolism, though without a source being so far underground. Shadows dance along the immense coffered ceilings, recesses clad in copper and the ribs in a pearly lacquer, drawing the eye upwards to the crowning monument directly overhead. Gilt cornices focus all attention upon a glorious cupola depicting figures representative of each Order and Path, seated and reclining as though part of the assembly below. Winding around the inlaid glass oculus, a crimson and an alabaster dragon perpetually chase one another's tails.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT C4
Resources: 4
Security: 5

Associations: Edinburgh City Chambers
Law Library
Owner: Royal Society
Affiliations: Consilium Headquarters
  • Admittance to unacknowledged mages is strictly forbidden.
  • Electronic devices are barred except by senior Council approval.
  • Sentinels can bar any Fellow for disruptive behaviour.
  • Votes and discussion are limited to a cabal's appointed speaker.
  • Wards ban spirits and lower form Space and Time spells.


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