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Mage.png Mage: Legacies

A legacy is a prospective development for a mage that further enhances the development of her soul. These refinements of magical understanding cannot simply be picked up from a book or arbitrarily adopted. A mage consciously seeks to further his path of enlightenment on a journey which entirely alters his perception of magic.

  • Legacies are Path oriented. The act of forging a soul heralds a further shift in a mage’s understanding of his magical path -- his Watchtower -- more than any specific decree.
  • Legacies are cultural. Certainly there are many magical traditions in the world but only a few which find their homes and their foundations in Edinburgh.
  • Legacies influence praxis. Joining a legacy means fundamentally changing the way you think about magic, the way you cast it, the way you interact with it. Imagine light shining through a pane of glass. Colour that glass and put a new design on it, and the light's qualities change.

Custom Legacies

Players are encouraged to develop thematically rooted legacies on Revelations. Custom legacies may be considered for inclusion if they fulfill a need not covered by other legacies, support and create roleplay, and fit tightly with game theme. In all cases, approval of custom work will be subject to comprehensive review by theme leads and the game director for mechanical balance and RP hooks.

Please submit a concept for your legacy before sending any material. Your pitch must include a premise, summary, proposed theme, and description of how it fits on Revelations. Your pitch is not guaranteed approval.

Approved Legacies:

Existing Legacies

Legacies from the Mage rulebooks will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Approved legacies will be adapted to the game theme, including any rule modifications to work well in a MU* environment, and must be learned from a mentor.

Please submit a pitch for the legacy, including book and page reference, and proposed theme or description of how it fits on the game.

Approved Legacies
Legacy Parent Path Parent Order Source
Cambions Mastigos - Custom
Daoine Acanthus - LtS p. 33
Eleventh Question - Guardians of the Veil GotV p. 166
Painted Ones - Invisible College Custom
Sangrealists Obrimos - Custom
Scions of God - Silver Ladder LtS p. 73
Sodality of the Tor Thyrsus - LtS p. 83
Vox Populi - Lumen Society Custom

Banned Legacies

The following Legacies are banned from use on the game due to being Left-handed, Banisher, Seer or unsuitable. Theme-appropriate variations may be considered.

Architects of the Future, Awakening Gambit, Austere, Bokor, Carnival Melancholy, The Celestial Masters, Chrysalides, Cult of the Doomsday Clock, Daksha, Devourers of the Flesh, Echo Walkers, Fangs of Mara, Logophages, Princes of the Many Masks, Scelesti, Secret Order of the Gate, Subtle Ones, Timori, Tremere Lich, True Soul, Unforgotten Scions, Whipping Boys

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