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Mage.png Mage: Paths

Edinburgh holds special interest for each of the Paths as the Consilium teeters on the precipice of collapse. Mages of the Lunargent Throne feel swelling currents of significance beneath the worn cobblestones of the Royal Mile tugging at their souls. Mastigos descend to watch the unfolding crisis with eerie curiosity, ever interested in the effects duress has on Sleepers and the Wise alike. Each entry gives a brief description of a Path's perspective on current events, Edinburgh's importance, and features likely to attract those mages.

This destined change must happen at the right time.

Edinburgh is... the City of Destiny

Lore: Edinburgh’s monuments and very landscape witness and anchor its significance far beyond Scotland itself.


  • Monuments: Mercat Cross, Nelson’s Monument, National War Monument, Scottish National Monument
  • Arthuriana: Arthur’s Seat, Arturius, Caledonian Forest, Lot, Myrddin Wyllt, shrine to St Morganna, Y Goddodin

    Executing a grand vision will bring glory.

    Edinburgh is... the City of Glory

    Lore: The concentration of temporal and secular authority blaze a path for Aether’s visions to ignite faith and reason.


    • Authority: Edinburgh Castle, Honours of Scotland, Scottish Parliament
    • Faith: St. Giles Kirk, St. Margaret’s Chapel, Roslyn Chapel, Torphichen Preceptory

    The overripe fruit is about to fall and
    we will be in the right place to catch it.

    Edinburgh is... the Overripe Fruit on the Branch

    Lore: The emotional and passionate outpourings in pubs and battlefields, on the stage and in the streets makes them fascinating to Pandemonium’s masters.


    • Festivals: Book, Film, Fringe, International
    • People: Beltane, Hogmanay, football hooligans, riots

      Change must come now to renew the spirit of Alba.

      Edinburgh is... the City of Shadows

      Lore: The urban spiritscape reflects the stagnation and paralysis among the Awakened, and its most powerful spirit -- Lyonesse -- is missing.


      • Mystic sites: Verges, Gauntlet, choruses
      • Lyonesse: the manifestation of Lothian, the spirit of the land.

        The longer the decline, the better to examine the transformation it causes.

        Edinburgh is... the City of the Dead

        Lore: The grisly history of witch burnings, body snatchings, bloody battles, and plague indelibly mark the city with Stygia’s touch.


        • Cemeteries: Canongate, Greyfriars, Scottish National War Memorial
        • Hauntings: Mackenzie poltergeist, undercity vaults

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