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Mage.png Mage: Rotes

A new system replaces the rote dice pools used in Mage with standardized rolls based on Order rote skill specializations. In this system, the specific Arcana determines the Attribute, and the spell's Practice determines the Order rote skill for the rote.

Order Rote Skills

Order skills are revised to include a mental, a social, and a physical skill. Characters should invest at least 1 dot in each skill.

  • Guardians of the Veil: Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge
  • Invisible College: Academics, Athletics, Expression
  • Lumen Society: Crafts, Larceny, Persuasion
  • Silver Ladder: Socialize, Survival, Politics
  • Steel Legion: Drive, Intimidation, Medicine


Each Arcana contributes an Attribute to the Rote roll. For example, a mage casting a Fate spell uses Wits + the appropriate skill for her practice.

Arcana Attribute
Death Composure
Fate Wits
Forces Resolve
Life Strength
Matter Stamina
Mind Manipulation
Prime Intelligence
Space Intelligence
Spirit Presence
Time Dexterity


A Lumen Society mage casts to use Influence Sound (Forces 1). Forces uses his Resolve score and Influence Sound is a compelling practice, so he adds Persuasion. His rote dice pool is Resolve + Persuasion + Forces.

A Guardian casts Supernal Dispellation (Prime 4) as a rote. Prime spells are based on Intelligence, and the Practice is Unraveling. Her rote dice pool is Intelligence + Stealth + Prime. If a Silver Ladder mage casts the spell, his dice pool is Intelligence + Politics + Prime.

Rote Skills - Spells Level 1 & 2
Order Knowing Unveiling Compelling Ruling Shielding Veiling
Guardians of the Veil Investigation Stealth Subterfuge Investigation Subterfuge Stealth
Invisible College Academics Athletics Expression Athletics Expression Academics
Lumen Society Crafts Larceny Persuasion Crafts Persuasion Larceny
Silver Ladder Survival Socialize Politics Politics Survival Socialize
Steel Legion Drive Medicine Intimidation Drive Medicine Intimidation

Rote Skills - Spells Level 3 & 4
Order Fraying Perfecting Weaving Patterning Unraveling
Guardians of the Veil Investigation Stealth Subterfuge Investigation Stealth
Invisible College Expression Athletics Academics Academics Expression
Lumen Society Larceny Persuasion Crafts Crafts Persuasion
Silver Ladder Socialize Survival Politics Socialize Politics
Steel Legion Intimidation Medicine Drive Medicine Intimidation

Rote Skills - Spells Level 5
Order Making Unmaking
Guardians of the Veil Subterfuge Investigation
Invisible College Academics Expression
Lumen Society Crafts Larceny
Silver Ladder Politics Survival
Steel Legion Drive Intimidation
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