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Mage.png House Rules: Spells

The following clarifications and house rules apply to published spells, spellcasting, and magic rules from the Mage books on Revelations. Spell descriptions have been augmented for the MU* environment or to correct inaccuracies or imbalance issues.

Navigation : Approved Spells -- Extended Spells -- Limits on Bonuses -- Revised Spells -- Sympathetic Magic-- Time Magic

Approved Spells

Revised Spells

Body Control (Life ••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 182)
This spell's Potency cannot exceed the caster's dots in the Life Arcanum.

Destroy Object (Death •••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 139)
This spell's Aspect is Vulgar.

Disrupt Concentration (Mind ••••):
Source: Astral Realms (p. 23)
This spell's level is changed to Mind 4.

Dream Bridge (Mind ••••):
Source: Astral Realms (p. 25)
This spell's Duration is changed to Instant; special. This spell lasts one turn per success on the casting roll. At Mind 5, it may be cast with Prolonged duration.

Grant Familiar (Spirit ••••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 253)
This spell's Duration is Lasting.

Healing Heart (Life •••)
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 186)
The Healing Heart spell is vulgar and requires a point of mana per use when used to heal aggravated damage.

Preserve Astral Object (Mind •••):
Source: Astral Realms (p. 24)
This spell requires Mind 4 to target complex objects, objects of great metaphysical significance, or to cross stratum.

Preserve Astral Space (Mind ••••):
Source: Astral Realms (p. 25)
This spell's level is changed to Mind 4.

Psychic Sword (Mind ••••)
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 216)
This spell's Aspect is Vulgar.

Read Spirit (Spirit •••)
Source: Adamantine Arrow (p. 188)
This spell's level is changed to Spirit 3.

Suppress Other Life (Death ••••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 144)
This spell's Duration is Transitory.

Supreme Augmentation (Mind ••••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 216)
The rote uses Mind, not Life.

Supreme Honing (Life ••••):
Source: Mage: the Awakening (p. 190)
This spell's Aspect is Vulgar.

Extended Spells

For interests of game balance, certain spells cannot be cast using extended actions. These spells are listed below.


  • Bestow Exceptional Luck (Fate •••)
  • Exceptional Luck (Fate ••)
  • Lucky Coin (Fate •••)
  • Superlative Luck (Fate •••)


  • Divination (Time •••)
  • Perfect Moment (Time •)
  • Postcognition (Time ••)
  • Prophecy (Time ••••)
  • Rewrite History (Time •••••)

Limits on Bonuses
  • No single bonus or trait granted by a spell can exceed the caster's relevant Arcana dots.
  • Bonuses added to an item from Arcana do not stack. Only the highest bonus applies.
  • Bonuses gained from Merits, such as Masque or Striking Looks, do not apply to Rote rolls.

Sympathetic Magic
  • Any spell affecting multiple targets always uses the weakest sympathetic connection of those targets.
  • Fame and Occultation penalties stack against all spells.

Time Magic

Repetitive uses of Time magic to witness past or future events "scratches" the temporal record and imposes penalties to witness that event. Thus, distortions make the of use Postcognition on major historical events or Precognition on widely tracked future events (such as Edinburgh's fate) almost impossible.

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