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Mage.png CharGen: Quick Start

Looking for a high level overview of what's going on in Edinburgh? This section provides a summary of the Awakened environment in the city, and the major factions with much to gain or lose. New characters should consider these guidelines in formulating a concept and a place of origin.

Current Situation

Change comes like an unwelcome guest to Edinburgh, the magical heart of Britain, one of the world's great Consilii. The city stagnates under the Pax Alba, a peace sworn with the strangely non-aggressive Seers of the Throne. Cracks are forming that spell an end to the golden age but the future remains to be seen.

Like so many other mages, you are coming to the Royal Society at a time of upheaval.

Come Forth to Caledonia

Edinburgh is a very powerful draw. What can pull you here? Mages with a vested stake in Caledonia refuse to leave its destiny to chance.

The primary motivation sending the Wise into Edinburgh are their mentors. Mentors instruct their newly released students to seek the city they know well. Plucked strings could put a mage talented in diplomacy and negotiation in the right spot to defuse a crisis or block an ambitious Londinian. Thanks to the mage who trained you, you might have a purpose in mind and a secret agenda buried in your heart.

Other mages bring entourages in their wake. Bergen's envoys bring geomancers and petrochemical engineers along with elite bodyguards. Influential Anglesey Councilors arrange for cabals to travel to Edinburgh on various pretexts.

Texan mages know something's rotten in the state of Scotland, but distance prevents them from knowing exactly what. They rely on their students sent on an exchange to their founding Consilium, the Royal Society to find out.

Secrets and Wonders:
What might be unearthed if the Seers fall? Claimed resources are up for grabs if the status quo shifts. The Royal Society holds many treasures in its vault to reward its saviours.

The Great Game

All eyes are turning towards the greatest Supernal prize in living memory. What draws their interest varies widely, and may determine your opinion or motivation for being in Scotland.

  • Anglesey's Celtic mages fear the loss of Edinburgh would threaten their own hard-earned independence.
  • Londinium is the new Rome and its sophisticated, cunning members want nothing more than to reshape Edinburgh to their liking before anyone else can.
  • The Wise of Bergen, the Viking stronghold, know the Silver Ladder's ambitious plans and mean to see the Silver Dream unleashed.
  • Texas' annual delegation of young mages will arrive for dull but superb education any day, oblivious to the upheaval about to explode around them.

Stakes for the Paths

Scions of the five Paths see Edinburgh's troubles in wildly different lights, and even those within take subtly altered positions. Your Path should colour your take on events, and what you stand to gain.

  • Acanthus: This destined change must happen at the right time.
  • Mastigos: The overripe fruit is about to fall and we will be in the right place to catch it.
  • Moros: The longer the decline, the better to examine the transformation it causes.
  • Obrimos: Executing a grand vision will bring glory.
  • Thyrsus: Change must come now to renew the spirit of Alba.

Stakes for the Orders

The Pentacle Orders take an active hand in events swirling around the Royal Society. They refuse to sit back passively and watch. Each Order cleaves to its purpose and agenda, but mages within the Order are often united by a shared philosophical position on what's happening.

  • Guardians of the Veil: Change will unleash terrible secrets and magic that we must conceal.
  • Invisible College: The precious understanding preserved here cannot be lost in a cataclysm.
  • Lumen Society: We will cast the stones which break the stagnation and usher in the second Scottish Enlightenment.
  • Silver Ladder: Favours from the greatest mages in Europe are ours to earn as we pick up the pieces and guide the Royal Society in a new future.
  • Steel Legion: Prestige and honour await those who defend against enemies attracted by weakness.

Location Matters

Why ally yourself with one of the four Consilium cities?

  • An established position on what's happening.
  • Bonus XP for starting there. Outsiders lose 5 XP.
  • Cabals form easier with a common background.
  • The cities have a major role to play in Edinburgh's outcome.
  • Immediate concept hooks.
  • Mentors give rewards, plots, and reason to be here.
  • Political wrangling and intrigue.
  • Roleplay links and connections from the get-go.
  • Thematic magical traditions! Anglesey is Celtic (druids and Arthur), Bergen is Norse (Viking), London is Roman, and Texas is the Old West.
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