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Logo.jpg Mage: Plots

Plots are the backbone of any game, and Revelations encourages players to run plots for one another. Our player-run plot guidelines make it easy to hit the ground running with an idea. This page documents ongoing plots run by players and staff, which others can look into or participate in. Feel free to add your own information under the corresponding section.

Create a plot page with the form below.

Staff Plots

The following plots will be scheduled by player request. Minimum 3 people are needed.

Mourners at Lammermoor
Summary: Rumours are swirling about anguished sobbing and crying heard outside the village of Linlithgow in West Lothian. It's only late at night that the piteous weeping echoes across the fields. The constabulary thinks it's teenagers up to no good. Residents in the pub are disturbed by the hooligans. Elderly citizens swear it's something worse. Three car accidents on the motorway in the vicinity couldn't -possibly- be related...
Seeking: Any, especially new characters
Contact: Skye

Where's Dolly?
Summary: After hours thefts in Old Town target odd subjects, like cheap souvenir shops, night after night. Video footage constantly fails. Security doesn't seem to matter. Who's the virtuoso behind the petty larceny?
Seeking: Moros, Lumen Society, Silver Ladder or Steel Legion
Contact: Skye

Player-Run Plots

Player plots are organized and run by players on the grid. Contact the name listed below to investigate or participate.

Haunting at Dochart Drive:

Plot Summary: A concerned father is looking for help with a possible haunting. Keith Thomason is concerned about his son Drew who has gained an invisible friend after moving here and it's gone a bit overboard. Something has happened that scared Keith. He is looking for help and offering a bit of pay, though he is not rich so greed is not the best motivation.
Contact: Keating

Sleeper Collector:

Plot Summary: Byron Allister, a richer man who came to Edinburgh some years past is known among the Awakened. He's an avid collector of the bizarre, wondrous and occult. And even as he, to their knowledge holds no actual belief in the magical have during these years once or twice gotten his hands on items of Awakened nature. Now they say it have happened again, supposedly something very old from Russia have found it's ways into his hands. It's suspected it carries some true magical power whatever it is, and so some in the local area have taken an interest in it. Whatever their agendas may be.
Contact: Hildr

Plot Name:

Plot Summary: Short description.
Contact: Who to talk to.

Plot Name:

Plot Summary: Short description.
Contact: Who to talk to.

Consilium Plots

The Bad Crow
Summary: Rumours fly around the Royal Society that a nasty crow caused a ruckus on Hogmanay. Certain mages have stated they want an investigation and others may just want revenge. The particularly cheeky bird keeps showing up and causing trouble.
Contact: Lohengrin, Sage, Ywain (NPC)

Checking In On Marva
Summary: Dextra needs a few unfamiliar faces to check in on Marva, a Moros of the Invisible College, who is on the outs with some of the Royal Society and turned back all friendlier summons point blank. The next step is Urien's provost stepping in and Dextra's not above trying to be more tactful than that! Dare the newcomers to Edinburgh enjoin themselves into the creepy annals of Supernal politics against someone known to send unwelcome trespassers home covered in ectoplasm and worse?
Contact: Abbigail, Cairn, Lacrosse, Dextra (NPC)

Party Rock
Summary: The club scene in the West End is kicking, but everyone in the scene knows the real party is happening at the Underground, a killer club in scroungy, dodgy Craigmillar (G6). Hot girls, cheap booze, and an absolutely electric DJ make the 4 quid cover charge worth every pence. It's no place for the wallflowers. Lately things have been full on crazy, winkwinknudgenudge, and what happens in the Underground STAYS in the Underground because no one would believe it by the light of day...
Contact: Mariner, Wulfdun, Ywain (NPC)

Ongoing Events

The Undercity: Subterranean tunnels riddle Edinburgh's foundations. Abandoned vaults wait on the other side of buried cellars, and underground pathways link sealed crypts to forgotten chambers. Edinburgh's macabre history stains the stones with stories of disembodied presences, spectral apparitions, and strange noises. Death hangs heavy over the city, but the balance of odd things seems to be increasing. Tourists have been attacked, sensitives claim a frightening presence lurks in the dark, and spooked clubbers have abandoned a noteworthy disco in the vaults.

Wildfire: Police worry about a new street drug circulating among the city's lowest classes. Its potent addictiveness surpasses other common drugs, and dealers are cutting meth, ecstasy, and heroin with a cheaper filler certain to bring them repeat customers. The victims suffer from serious withdrawals after only a few uses and respond poorly to conventional treatments. Physicians in the NHS brace for a rash of untreatable drug cases; officials fear something might be coming in from mainland Europe that they can't deal with.

Beasts in the Wilds: Scotland preserves some of the last remaining wilderness area in the British Isles, but the indigenous population of predatory land animals is limited to smaller creatures. Extensive hunting eradicated bears, wolves, and wildcats almost completely. Reports filtering in suggest hunters and farmers have sighted large dogs and felines well outside wooded areas in the remote northeast. Some of the sightings came as close as the Pentland Hills.

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