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Player Run Plots -- PrP Process -- PrP Guidelines -- XP

Rule Zero

All guests, players, and admins must abide by the following policies on Revelations.

 1. Don't cheat.
 2. Don't be a jerk.

We understand people are human and make mistakes. Admins reserve the right to decide whether policies are breached.


All characters on Revelations must be of legal age in appearance and actual age.

 Mage: A character's Awakening cannot occur younger than 18.


Submit a request with: +request Building - <Name>=<content>

Revelations provides room code in apartments and hotels, and most major factions offer living quarters. Most buildings on the grid can be adopted. Characters may purchase businesses or a private residence if their Resources, Sanctum or Hollow merits equals or exceeds a project's assigned Resources value. Resources and Sanctum or Hollow merits cannot be combined.

Building projects are limited to 1 room (personal or commercial) or 2 rooms (faction) to avoid a cluttered grid and RP concentrated in private rooms. Admins do not issue additional quota lightly without good reason. Places and +view code are available, and all additions must suit the project's Merit rating.


Revelations uses a +vote system for XP with limitations on it in order to circumvent +vote abuse, and promote people RPing outside of their comfort zone of contacts. You can expect to earn up to 5 XP a given week.

Spending XP: To submit an XP +request: +request XP - <Stat> <Rating>.

  • Include stat name, type, new rating, XP cost, and brief justification.
  • Justifications need to cover how and where you gained the stat, any special information (e.g., Mentor merit applies) or plot notes.
  • +Vouch for PrPs or logs may be used as supporting evidence.
  • BG events do not apply.

Cooldown Period: 1 IC week per new level in XP to buy.
 Example: After raising Strength to 3, you must wait 20 IC weeks to buy Strength 4.

Self-Study Cooldown: 1.5 IC weeks per new level in XP to buy.
 Example: After raising Fate to 1, a Mastigos must wait 10.5 weeks to buy Fate 2.

Player Run Plots

An IC event or plot with 2+ players and 1 scene runner. Often one-shot scenes, may span several sessions.

Revelations strongly encourages spontaneous events and pre-approved plots with minimal staff involvement. The game uses three tiers for PrPs.

Level Name Description
1 Standard No approval necessary.
2 Consent Scenes with serious risk of injury or death, damage, and non-standard rewards.
3 Restricted Scenes with restricted material or broad, overarching consequences.

Player Run Plot Process

Submitting a plot should be straightforward, timely, and easy. Log submission isn't necessary for PRP1s but suggested if you want XP or benefits noted. When you have an idea, you need to do the following.

Pre-Approval PrP Submission
1. Submit a +request with:

  • Premise
  • Type of PrP (Tier 2 or 3)
  • Target audience/level
  • Challenge(s)
  • NPC(s)
  • Reward(s)
  • Anticipated effects

PrP Log Submission (per plot):
2. Submit a +request with:

  • Summary
  • Type of PrP (Tier 1, 2 or 3)
  • Participants
  • Challenge(s)
  • NPC(s)
  • Reward(s)
  • Consequences or Effects
  • Link to log

3. PrP Log Requirements (per scene):

  • Poses
  • Rolls
  • OOC comments or pages, as applicable

Player-Run Plot Guidelines
  • Wide player involvement is encouraged. PrPs targeted at for the same set of people will have reduced XP rewards to avoid voting or plot circles.
  • Staff prohibits railroad or unwinnable plots. Using plots to damage another character or weaken her position violates game policy.
  • PrP must involve some kind of risk, like a challenging puzzle, a combat encounter, traps or threatened status and fame.
  • Admin will adjust XP or rewards for the challenge, storytelling, and player behaviour.
  • Disruptive or uncooperative players will be noted.
  • Director approval is required for a plot runner to include his character in Tier 2 and 3 plots.
  • PrPs to attain a personal goal for the plot runner need to feature other participants equally. A motley hunting down an old foe is fine, but the plot-runner taking the spotlight is not.

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