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Mage.png House Rules

The core rules are intended for tabletop play rather than a persistent venue, so special considerations may be necessary to facilitate play in a MU* environment. Clarifications provide further detail or amend an existing rule. Administration will provide a reason whenever a ruling occurs. Established rulings are subject to change.

Errata and Additions

Disease, Drugs, and Toxins:
Resisting disease is not a contested action. Typically, only a single success is required on the Stamina + Resolve roll, and this roll is modified by the severity of the disease, drug or toxin in question. Source

EOD Merit:
The cost is 2 dots, not 4. Source

The following clarifications apply to durations mentioned in the rulebooks.

  • Turn: 3 seconds (combat), 6 seconds (non-combat)
  • Scene: End of current scene, otherwise 4 hours.
  • Session: 24 hours
  • Chapter: 1 week
  • Story: 1 month
Rules and Clarifications

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