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Logo.jpg Festival: Burns William McGonagall Night


Date: 25 January
Type: Holiday
Concept: Celebrating Scotland's Poet Horribilus
Location: Old Town
Resources: 1
Security: 3
Cultures: Lowland Scots
Atmosphere: Bad poetry and lots of booze.
  • Whisky
  • Haggis
  • Poetry
  • Mayhem

You are cordially invited to participate in a night of whiskey, haggis, poetry, and mayhem, hosted by The Wise Club. McGonagall Night is a celebration of Scotland's second most famous poet, the one immortalized in terrible verse and unabashedly earnest good cheer. For twenty quid, have all the whiskey, cranachan, soup, and toasts to the most glorious William McGonagall you can handle in a secure location. Register early with Dextra to assure your chances of being selected as the nearly legendary bard for the night!

Whisky: Now that we're Awakened, who says we cannot start with dessert? Closing comments will commence the party. The Wise Club will regale the audience to get everyone into the spirit of things.

Haggis: Dinner to follow. Bergen mages, never fear, the second course tastes much, much better than lutefisk. Your speeches are welcome, preferably composed on the spot. Entertainment and celebratory atmosphere provided by yours truly. Yourselves!

Poetry: The soup course will be delivered, concluding dinner. Decide whether you want to stay in the warm, toasty party or sneak all over Old Town for a hair-raising adventure! Our very own McGonagall will channel the poet horribilis' tremendous skill to compose his or her own works, accompanied by a crack guerrilla poetry crew, in Greyfriars Kirkyard itself. Discretion required except during the serenades to the slumbering fans. No upsetting the ghosts!

Mayhem: What do you think happens after your tenth toast to the high table? Old scores are settled and then the scores figured out in the first place!


  • Dress Code: Please wear the stereotypical garments of your Order, such as ink-stained monastic habits for Columbines, fancy dress robes for Thearchs, and woad tattoos for Legionnaires. Alternately you may wear head scarves and rollers, stained jumpers, and house robes for ladies, and Nicky Tams, boots, and bonnets for the gentlemen.
  • Familiars: Please keep invisible friends at home.
  • Whisky: All drink will be provided. Donations gladly accepted.

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