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Films & TV


  • Trainspotting: The messed up Edinburgh drug scene became the iconic image of Scotland.
  • Da Vinci Code: Fast forward to spellbinding shots of Roslyn Chapel near the end.
  • Shallow Grave: Christopher Eccleston and Ewan McGregor star in a whodunnit in Edinburgh.
  • Shoebox Zoo: It may be a kids' fantasy programme but Edinburgh stars as the central attraction in a collection of supernatural stories.
  • The Illusionist: Tender homage to Edinburgh with a thin tale about a magician beguiled by a young lady.

Scottish Culture and History:

  • The Eagle or Centurion: Ubiquitous movies about the Ninth Legion, heavy on fluff and light on accuracy.
  • Ratcatcher: The despair of 1970s Glasgow very well reflects the World of Darkness' tarnished view of the world.
  • Rob Roy: A very idealized view of the Highlands and a good man who becomes Scottish Robin Hood.
  • Whisky Galore!: Enterprising Scots rescue whisky from a ship sunk during WWII.
  • The Wicker Man: Police investigate a missing person's case in an island steeped in the supernatural.

Mage Inspiration



  • Butterfly Effect: A jilted Awakening reawakens supernatural memories.
  • Constantine: Cue Obrimos and Mastigos Awakenings, Astral Realms, and essential human conflicts.
  • The Devil Rides Out: Satanic cults in the British countryside.
  • Next: Some days it sucks to be an Acanthus cop.
  • Night Watch, Day Watch: A Guardian thriller on the shadow war between good and evil. The books are better.
  • The Ninth Gate: Antiquarian has a bad day with a demonic text.
  • The Prestige: Set in Victorian London, a delicious story of mind games, secrets, and the terrible price of hubris.


Supernatural Inspiration


  • Pan's Labyrinth: Gorgeous, creepy tale about changelings in all their glory.
  • Dog Soldiers: Werewolves in the Highlands prey upon a British special ops unit.
  • Hellboy II: Demons, fae, and otherworldly enterprises. what more do you need?
  • Ink: Unseen forces vie for sleeping souls.


  • Being Human: An idealized story on how supernaturals struggle in the human world.
  • The Booth at the End: Mortals do the unfathomable in exchange for their deepest desires.
  • Death Note: A demonic or abyssal grimoire on the loose wreaks havoc.
  • Grimm: Hunters track down the faerie tale legends that are quite real...
  • Paprika: Crazy astral dreams are just the start.


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