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The Skipper
The Mariner.png
Date of Birth: Somewhere around 1981
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Cruiseline Worker, Dock Guy
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed

Order: Lumen Society
Path: Mastigos
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: Lumen Society ●○○○○
Origins: Londinium

“Man is not made for defeat," he said. "A man can be destroyed but not defeated. ” -

- Ernest Hemingway


  The Skipper (other aliases include The Mariner or The Captain) is an import from the Londinium, a hard-nosed sailor embroiled in some sort of dirty political game the masters in England are playing. Bringing navigational skills, a keen insight, a wide array of magical abilities and a level head to Edinburgh, he has professed his interest in kicking off a "Second Scottish Enlightenment." In essence, he is here helping Sleepers to Awaken wherever he can. He prefers a calm and non-violent approach to any situation, though he is not above paranoia.

He rarely keeps idle hands around Edinburgh. He can always be found working on something, usually mechanical in nature, and always with his eyes trained towards the sea. While his list of accomplishments are short and confined to the London (discovering a curious magical scepter under the city being his most notable), he is rarely idle. He has already accumulated vast stores of knowledge, including trade ledgers and shipping logs across all of Scotland, and a compendium of legendary texts and writings on the oceans, which he has offered to any Mage interested in using them. As well, he is now working on building his own sailing vessel, and a motorboat, though these projects may take some time...years, maybe.


If you ever find yourself at the port of Leith, the Mariner is your Mage contact for high seas operations in Scotland.
The Skipper is an intrepid explorer who can find his way to anything...or out of anything.
Certified HAM radio operator and general radio aficionado, and quite skilled at accessing digital data.
The Mariner is subtle and discrete.
From soldering circuits to building winches, the Mariner is well versed in techne.


  He is a squint-eyed man around 5'11", perhaps around 150lbs. He keeps a grizzled, 3-day old beard on a square jaw with long, weathered features and tough skin. His black hair is cut short and almost perpetually seems swept back by the wind. His build is about what you'd expect for a reasonably active man in his thirties: a little fat on an average frame. A faint scar next to his eye is visible. He wears a grey turtleneck and light khaki pants with a black belt and boots.

Mariner 2.JPG Mariner 3.gif Mariner 4.jpg


  • Lohengrin - Stuffy and forward, but wise, committed, and friendly. Only in Edinburgh...
  • Cairn - Cold, but who could blame her? Reliable in a pinch besides.
  • Epikoros - A scholar through-and-through. A question asked earnestly is the best indicator of wisdom there is.
  • Lacrosse - Brave enough for me to let him venture first, for whatever good that may do.
  • Abbigail - A curious woman who I believe has great potential.
  • Morag - Marvelous fates always make me feel like I'm in the blast radius, but she seems well enough.
  • Dextra - Tolerable and a good sense of humor. All you can ask for in a Herald.
  • Maxwell - I thought you were supposed to be approachable.
  • Taliesin - A well meaning, quiet mage who I expect may resent my origins in the Londinium.
  • Wulfdun - The whole nine yards a warrior, but he has a restraint I respect.
  • Hildr - The sea has a way of endearing anyone who gravitates toward it to me, even if it was merely circumstance.
  • Gidget - I can't help it - I am truly fascinated by your dreamy nature. Happy Valentine's.
  • Mai - When I think of an Acanthus you are probably my very first thought.



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