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Concept: Golden hero
Apparent Age: 33
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Sloth

Order: Steel Legion
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: --
Status: Sentinel
Cabal: Grail Society


You cannot run away from weakness;
you must some time fight it out or perish;
and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?

-- Robert Louis Stevenson

As close to an adoptive son as Lleu can have, Ywain serves as the poster child for a Celtic hero. He’s fair haired, fearless, and dutiful to his cause almost to a point of foolishness. Punctuality comes as second nature and he never swears in front of women. All that’s missing is the social graces to suit the face of a leading man, and those will come in time with the Councilor’s considerable grooming.

While bellicose Broichan acts as provost, Ywain is Lleu’s unspoken herald and enforcer rolled into one. He is assigned to bodyguard or escort duties more frequently than Faoladh, fitting in well among middle to upper class events. The sentinel keeps the closest relations among the younger set of mages which, quite frankly, his cabalmates can’t be bothered to interact with. He owes his popularity to his larger-than-life personality and optimistic view of the Royal Society. Belief in the cause of the Royal Society can be infectious, rallying flagging spirits and enforcing a sense of place and purpose in a Consilium stuck in the past.

His pride matches his age, but he is willing to defend a just cause with sword and life is need be. Ywain settles all matters pertaining to duels arcane at the Obrimos Councilor’s pleasure. He is versed in legal and traditional aspects, and a fiend with a sword. He holds a black belt in kendo.

He favours Forces magic to other arcana, much to the displeasure of the Guardians of the Veil.


  • He will not abide vulgarity in front of women and children.
  • Need to know about Royal Society scheduling? He has access to all major events.
  • Perfecting his martial skills is a top priority.

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