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Date of Birth: January 12, 1975
Apparent Age: Late thirties (it can be hard to tell sometimes, with Thyrsus)
Occupation: Body Mod Artist
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath

Order: Steel Legion
Path: Thyrsus
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: Steel Legion ●●
Origins: Londinium




 The Thyrsus called Addison is a member of the Steel Legion of some experience. Her primary passion in life is body modification, a hobby she displays rather prominently on her own flesh. Oddly for one of her order, she's not that much of a fighter. Instead, she spends most of her time and energy on training to fix up the fighters, and their equipment.

 As a member of the Londinium Consilium, she's an outspoken advocate for unification among the British Consilii.


  • Body Mods – Addison is a body mod enthusiast, and is also a body artist of no small skill. Being a Thyrsus makes her all the better at manipulating flesh.
  • Steel Legion – Addison is a member of the Steel Legion, and while she's a competent brawler, that's not her calling or how she serves her order. She's merely competent at fighting, but when it comes to defending others, performing surgery, or long-distance running, that's where she gets good. She's also a fair hand at fixing things that get broken, as long as she has all the parts. She's known around the Londinium Consilium as someone who's capable, though she hasn't really distinguished herself beyond that.

 Addison is a strange-looking figure. She's short, for one thing, standing at only 5'4", and she has horns. No, not real horns, but implants just above her forehead, where her hairline would be if she had hair. Instead of hair, she wears an intricate pattern of a tattoo that covers her entire scalp. Further tattoos can be seen going all the way down her body, to whatever extent she has her flesh exposed at the moment. She wears a pair of dark, rectangular glasses and her teeth are slightly crooked.

Addison 2.jpg

None yet.



  • "Neato Keeno great gal and great artist." Flashes his wrist to you quickly and grins as the tattoo is shown."This is her work and if you want anything done go to like pronto man." - Tinker
  • "Not to overstate the obvious, but the horns serve their purpose. Don't get her mad." - Dextra
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