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Concept: Communications savant
Apparent Age: 35
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Greed

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: --
Status: Provost (Moros)
Cabal: Heirs of Calgacus


For he that does good,
having the unlimited power to do evil,
deserves praise not only for the good which he performs,
but for the evil which he forbears.

-- Sir Walter Scott

Agrivain takes to being a provost like a fish to water. Whatever the ambiguous feelings of his counterparts, he revels in the great game in the esteemed Consilium of Caledonia. He scaled the ladder of power by making chums and learning things which paid out later on. He earned an invitation to join a cabal in Edinburgh rather than wallow in ignominy down south. Agrivain made himself indispensable to his cabalmates and counterparts, volunteering to do the heavy work in the Silver Ladder. His superiors recognized his cut-throat tactics and ambitions they once shared, and fed him responsibility and duty bit by bit.

Prior to Dextra and Sinister’s appearance, he held the herald position. As a first point of contact greeting new faces and visitors, Agrivain widened his social network among the Wise. He always has a choice bit of information tucked away somewhere, waiting for a day to be used. Interested mages can learn a great deal from him if they are willing to listen and share; nothing, after all, comes for free. Sometimes he lets the Wise run on credit if he anticipates a good scoop.

The same social talent extended to the Fallen World where he runs a media and communications consulting firm paired to up and coming blogs, startups fishing for major clients, and print publications. He edits stories and spreads leads, commentary pieces, and warnings with ease. Favours turned in with his old Eton and St. Andrew’s chums opened major doors, and a number of shell companies shield him from working directly with his clients. He makes a point of giving them what they want so they sing the songs he provides. He flies in many circles, and has a corner on Scottish social media the Lumen Society would pay dearly to have.

Agrivain was thought daft to reject an appointment to be the Thyrsus provost a few years back. Asked his reasons, Agrivain shook his head, smiled, and claimed he better served as a herald. He sought out Urien later two years ago and struck a mutual arrangement, handling official communications and monitoring for trouble. The Moros Councilor is free to pursue other projects, though he never turns a blind eye to rumours of the provost’s hunger for power or possible claim on a secret. Urien may well hold dirt on Agrivain that keeps him in line.

Agrivain is a student of Mind.


  • He is a master at social networking.
  • Always interested in the next scoop.
  • His amateur photography has turned heads.
  • Need a story quashed or a little bit of business go viral?
  • He always has a different woman on his arm, and gossip says his heart is held by an unattainable figure.

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  • Agrivain bears a Destiny (Merit: Destiny 5) so powerful that the Acanthus can practically feel it resonating around them. The Royal Society knows he has an important, as yet unrealized part to play in the world, but no Fellow could tell you what it is. Yet their attempts to investigate its nature are confounded by endless twists and turns that reflect the magic, dissipate it or give conflicting answers.
  • Lleu is the only one who knows much about Agrivain's place, and he refuses categorically to discuss the matter with anyone. His answer time and time again is, "Revealing his doom denies his redemption, and I will not do that."
  • Urien issued a duel to an Anglesey mage, Kai, who demanded to know why Edinburgh "harboured its own doom to its breast." Urien trounced Kai soundly and barred the mage and his cabal from the boundaries of Alba for five years.
  • Agrivain takes any threat or rude word against his loyalty to the Royal Society very seriously. The implication he is anything less than staunchly committed to Alba offends him.
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