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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Analogue

The shop's subdued exterior conceals a thoroughly modern, cool bookstore rather than dusty heaps of paperbacks in cluttered, claustrophic aisles. Hanging lights wash over the clean, bright white walls and narrow bookcases that aim to preserve a sense of space. Neon bar lighting at ankle level splashes lemon greens and cool cyans onto the tiled floor. Magazines and colourful books have their appointed places, laid out invitingly upon low tables and two deep on black shelves.

Stock splits between eclectic finds, indie titles, first editions, and a well-curated selection of used books in fine condition. Framed prints for sale on the walls show the same fusion of vintage and ultra-hip, like inked Audobon birds or women. A small event space features deep loveseats, folding chairs, and a projection screen facing a patch of smooth wall. Big windows watching the street double as bench seats ideal for reading.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: D4
Concept: Bookstore
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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