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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Arches Biodome

Tonnes of wrought iron and triangular glass panes form a triodetic dome over an exotic Victorian glasshouse. Visitors are immersed in lush scents, sounds, and sights of a faraway land. A verdant sea of tropical plants flourish in the steamy humidity, the atmosphere the temperature of blood. Species from the far reaches of the former Empire arch over winding flagstone paths. Flowering plumbago and fragrant jasmine fringe misty streambeds contoured from a former factory site. Wooden benches offer refuge in hidden corners where stony paths peter out next to waterfalls or thick palm leaves weave together in a private screen.

Delicate orchids open jewel-bright blossoms among drifts of lacy ferns, the brilliant flowers vying with birds of paradise and winding passion-flower vines. Bougainvilleas send cascades of colourful blooms into the shade of citrus and yucca trees where butterflies take shelter. Hundreds of the insects from golden monarchs to huge swallowtails flit about. The gardens are lightly pruned and groomed to keep the walkways clear, otherwise left as a natural preserve for guests to wander at their leisure.


Zone: Central
Grid: D3
Concept: Glasshouse conservatory
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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