Arthur's Seat

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Arthur's Seat

Arthur’s Seat commands an unparalleled vantage over East Lothian, the resilient core of 350 million year old volcanoes eroded by Ice Age glaciation. Resembling a supine lion, the hill reaches its 258 meter pinnacle at the mane and ridges fall away along its basalt spine to a long tail of debris. The sheer Salisbury Crags drop off precipitously along its flanks, revealing visible layers of strata from the narrow trail skirting the cliff base. Tufted grasses and lichens form golden meadows along rolling slopes, deepening into green vales around a series of small lochs and ponds. Popular hillwalking trails ramble away from turnoffs on the main road ringing the hill, its many bends and turns a particular favourite with sports cars and motorbikes.

Its undisputed central role in Scottish history is all but enshrined in name, legend, and archaeological remains still being uncovered. Prehistoric hill fort defenses and cultivation terraces scarring the rolling landscape are the remains of the powerful Votadini tribe, ancestors to the Brythonic warriors sung of by the bard Aneirin. Long associated with King Arthur, the hill surrenders its mysteries grudgingly. Seventeen miniature coffins discovered by boys in 1836 serve an unknown purpose, tied perhaps to witchcraft or the infamous bodysnatchers Burke and Hare. Picturesque outcroppings overlook three millennia of settlement from Edinburgh’s oldest fortress.


Zone: East
Grid: F4
Concept: Park
Resources: 1
Security: 1

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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