Bad Medicine

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Bad Medicine

Crooked stairs delve into the dimly lit haunt of counterculture literati and rabblerousers, a long space wedding activist headquarters with vegan-friendly cafe. Curled posters pushing Communist propaganda and advertising rallies against the cause of the week splash apple green walls so thickly the original shade is all but invisible. Casement bookcases groan under the weight of dog-eared revolutionary tomes from Kafka to Marx lined up shoulder to shoulder, an A to Z of political movements. Patrons debate politics and a dim future in loud voices sweeping up almost everyone in the hotbed of controversy. Folding chairs face the larger stage in the converted front room, spotlights focused down on the scratched floorboards where the next Bob Dylan practices his protest songs or a cracked-voice protester inflames audiences with bubbling diatribes. Mismatched sofas in the smaller parlour lend greater intimacy to the tiny stage built up in the front window.

Stickers for various groups and pithy slogans stud swinging doors leading into the kitchen, a crammed space hissing with activity at all hours, given Bad Medicine never shuts down. Orders of soup, sandwiches, and cracking curry line up on brushed steel and glass countertops welded together in a hodgepodge bar. Bread and biscuits overflow from baskets, not a few of the pastries baked with an added dash of marijuana. Refurbished pop machines serve CommieCola and IrnBru with a hiss and a cry, but oddly the espresso machine is top of the line, rival to any coffeeshop. Bric-a-brac clutters up the tops of cracked vinyl booths and newspapers litter formica tables thronging the dining area. Patrons stay as long as they like, some calling the cafe their primary residence.


Zone: North
Grid: C5
Concept: Counterculture cafe
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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