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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Blackford

Blackford Hill stands in forested splendour above the surrounding suburbs, a rough knob laced in deciduous trees punctuated by the occasional fir. Seasonal changes create carpet of colour brightening from soft jade in spring to burnished coppers and golds when autumn descends. A favourite retreat of King Edward VII still feels much like a hunting estate for the privileged few, an impression maintained by the winding roads and sparse housing estates blessed by large properties. Grey slate and wood shingle roofs emerging from the thick canopy belong to Victorian and Edwardian villas built by the moneyed businessmen and the nouveau rich, now occupied by today’s professionals and bankers. An infusion of more recent construction dates from after the Second World War, adding more residences along the suburb’s fringes.

Traffic flows through two major arteries, leaving large chunks little bothered by crowded roundabouts and the rush hour cram. Buses chain together pleasant shelters in front of well-tended gardens and small parks that dwell in a swaddling of safety and privacy. An avenue ascends the slopes of the hill up to the twin domes of the Royal Observatory, the only major attraction of note in the area.


Zone: Southside
Grid: F7
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Businesses: Hermitage Mews
Royal Observatory
Affiliations: None

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