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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Club Bliss

People come to a club like this with one thing in mind, a privilege they pay for, and Bliss provides abundant flesh and cheap liquor in spades. Vinyl booths and couches curve towards a round stage and skinny catwalk protruding into attendant tables accommodating no more than four or five. Magenta pot lights illuminate the landing strip back to metal poles used by dancers in flimsy costumes, alternately police officers or nurses or school girls. Unlike the clientele, the performers are mostly young Eastern European victims of plastic surgery and massive debts. Hammering techno or pop music rattles the bones and vibrates in back teeth, pumped from speakers mounted all around the floor.

Dim lighting enforces an an illusion of intimacy and distance, allowing patrons a degree of anonymity in the den of iniquity. Glasses and alcohol bottles stand along the mirrored back wall of the spacious bar, manned by female tenders in next to nothing but a smile. Stools litter black tiles shot by glittering wisps of mica, the only touch of class to be found. Dirty ropes seal off private rooms for rent, the tiny cubicles just large enough for an overstuffed loveseat and free chairs, and bathed in the primal backbeat. An office hides behind fallen curtains, and black-shirted bouncers lurk close to the entrances to deal with trouble before it starts.


Zone: East
Grid: H5
Concept: Adult club
Resources: 1
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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