Bohemian Apothecary

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Bohemian Apothecary

No mere apothecary is this. Vaulted ceilings and rounded arches inlaid with ornate gilding and chipping frescoes stand above a series of alcoves linked together into a luscious space suitable for Louis XIV and Elton John to hold a summit. Scintillating chandeliers fill ceiling space and shatter light off mirrors and glass-faced walnut cabinetry into the darkest corners. Sinfully decorated with deep woods and marble floors, the shopfront is laden with glass-stoppered decanters brimming with vivid potions and antique apothecary scales and mortars. Narrow shelves contain a variety of preserved flowers, minerals, and powders identified by handwritten labels.

Thick curtains conceal the decadent, hushed bar from wandering eyes, a little secret shared among the initiated. Even the bar stools are elaborate, plush velvet and back wood curvature in the shape of 36-25-26. Clustered violet high-back chairs and fainting sofas with rhinestone embellishments are islands watched over by dionysian revelers on the domed ceiling, their privacy enshrined by the distance to the next. Bronze statues and medieval oddments in niches gleam, outshone by the bar dripping with mysterious herbal tonics and jeweled philtres. Bartenders expertly mix the medicinal ingredients to form a magnificent creation; absinthes are as common as Neroni and corpse revivers mixed from traditional recipes. Additional touches elevate the cocktails from excellent to superb, adding a burst of flame on the drink or large chunks of ice chipped off a block.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: D4
Concept: Apothecary and Speakeasy
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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