Bonaly Tower

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Bonaly Tower

Stone walls and rustic parkland well conceals historic Bonaly Tower, a sprawling Georgian country manor expanded around the original turreted rooms. A Player-designed peel tower, the tallest outcropping crowned in narrow windows, stands watch. Leading Edinburgh literati and artists once lounged on chaises in the library wing and debated points over a large dining room table in the western hall, and things have changed little since the Friday Club except for electric power and running water. Fabric wallpaper lends soft green and goldenrod tones to the rooms, heightened by pale beech wainscoting and baseboards. Original floorboards glow with a soft patina under multiple coats of lacquer, though the white doors are far newer and the collection of bric-a-brac decorating the corridors acquired from all sources. Fireplaces fill each of the larger public suites, largely converted and non-functional behind decorative screens.

The focus lies on the library wing where a series of smaller salons provide intimacy required for discussions. Padded seats surround oval tables where groups can gather with ease, an assortment of paper and pens stocked in the antique sideboard. Carved shields decorate cornices around the room, displaying alternately a scroll, a dove, Celtic crosses, and white blazons. Not a drop of alcohol is anywhere to be found among books and files, the whole of it banned from the study chambers.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: E7
Concept: Listed country manor
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: NPC
Owner: NPC
Affiliations: NPC

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