Brighton Place

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Brighton Place

Brighton Place resembles free clinics the country over, attempting to put curtains up on institutionalized blandness. Hard plastic cafeteria seats fill a waiting room clogged by sticky tabloids and ancient celebrity magazines. Manila folders overflow from a cramped office behind reception, and a locked door bars access to the offices and exam rooms. Colourful NHS posters and a rainbow of brochures advertising methadone clinics, free vaccinations, and STD safety decorate the bland grey walls. Open windows with a depressing view of the suburbs and yellow lights bathe linoleum worn down over decades in a coordinated assault on the sterile atmosphere. Nurses wearing printed scrubs escorted patients, forever cheerful and hopeful.

Rehabbed medical equipment fills five rooms that smell of citrus cleaner and astringent chemicals underneath. Charts and maps explain viruses, hand-washing, and vaccinations in ten languages. Two postage-stamp offices squeezed into the back are used by youth counsellors; board games, stuffed animals, and puppets fill the bright spaces to the brim.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: B6
Concept: Free clinic
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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