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Concept: Pictish druid
Apparent Age: 55
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath

Order: Invisible College
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Painted One
Status: Provost (Obrimos)
Cabal: Inficiunti




When mages in Britannia and Western Europe talk of the “Scottish Druid,” they mean Broichan and no one else. He practices a strain of “pure” druidism untouched by Irish, British or Anglesey traditions, one based on the indecipherable stones and poorly attested evidence he and his mentor Cruithne painstakingly gathered over the years. His belief that Pictish traditions better preserved ancient Supernal knowledge better than comparable cultures earned him as many naysayers as many admirers. Steel Legionnaires consult with him on historical matters near and dear to the foundation of their Order in the country, a rapport he rarely abuses except to demand a tithe of whatever they find. The price may be worth it; his experience in archaic sites or ancient language has few rivals.

A fixture in the Royal Society and a bizarre fellow on the street, Broichan has led a resurgence in Pictish study in Scotland over the past thirty years. He chooses students for the period of three grueling years and releases them to seed his beliefs across the British Isles, while nudging promising Sleeper candidates towards sanctified truths as he discovers them. A one man crusade to eradicate incorrect views comes delivered with his stereotypical bluntness and tactlessness, but he can be smooth as butter when he wants something.

Without a strong interest in politics and burgeoning studies to tend to, Broichan’s service to Lleu is something of a mystery. More often than not, their relationship runs extremely hot and cold. The druid acts as an outspoken adversary and devil’s advocate, challenging the Councilor’s lofty ideals and ambitions. He brings an earthy reality check that often disregards social concerns entirely. Their arguments occasionally boil over into shouting matches, temporary exile, and stormy fits of pride, but they always come back.

Urien often acts as the peacebroker between the two, his apparent humility sufficient to weather the dominating egos at play around him. Broichan may be turbulent, but he is equally patient, charismatic, and unrestrained in his opinions and approval when earned. Getting through his thick skin and distance from current events demands great effort, though, and deserves no less. In a hidebound Consilium, he is a leading character who perplexes, maddens, and amuses those around him.

Broichan’s true talents are not known or widely advertised, though he holds his own against Lleu. He is widely assumed to be an expert in Life.


  • Appreciates academic inquiries into druidic practices.
  • Admired for his impressive beard.
  • He loathes false New Age traditions.
  • Supporter of academic investigation into Pictish culture.

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