Cabaret Voltaire

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Cabaret Voltaire

The "Cab Vol" basically resides in a filled-in vault in Edinburgh's notorious undercity. Warrens once populated by plague victims, criminals, and the destitute throngs with drinkers plonked down at the bar and private business in the dark nooks and crannies. Things still go bump in the night, although orchestrated by DJs shuddering waves of electronica and house music through the ancient stones. Sweating bodies pulse and spasm in euphoric waves on the dance floor, writhing under strobing witchlight like possessed at a sabbat. Red neon keeps things a little naughty under the low, domed ceilings without becoming tawdry.

Good coin and a favour net dubious spirits and poisons at the neon-lit bar where huge Scrabble tiles spell out the club's full name. Jarred candles hold the gloom at bay around small wooden booths tucked into the darkest recesses, where the music is a dull echo and the dim exits quite far away. Regulars avoid one oft empty table facing the bar, the table littered in scratched crucifixes, pentacles, and other symbols of protection besides.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: D5
Concept: Underground club
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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