Cafe Marlayne

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Cafe Marlayne

This charming French back street bistro serves as the unofficial Francophone embassy for Edinburgh, Parisien or Provencal patter almost more common than a Scottish brogue. The tiny space resembles a sitting room more than a restaurant; gilt-framed Monet prints hang upon one white wall, the opposite covered in reflective silver tiles. Green pussy-willow wallpaper slips between the grid-paned windows overlooking tourists strolling down busy Thistle Lane. No more than six tables fit inside, half of those only for two.

The atmosphere can change from buzzing over lunches to romantic and intimate under twinkling lights by dinner. A wall of obscure and renowned red wines blocks up the back wall leading into the kitchen. Daily menus draw from local Scottish produce meats -- salmon, venison, beef, and lamb -- and imported French cheeses, duck, and rabbit. Homemade soups, entrees, and puddings scent the air with a pinch of tarragon and a whiff of wine.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT D2
Concept: French cafe
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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