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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: The Cateran Society

The Cateran Society dedicates itself to the Highland martial art of broadsword fighting. Efforts to shore up and transform a disused factory only reach so far. A fresh coat of paint on crumbling bricks extends to head height, overtaken by Highland clan flags and banners strung from laundry line. Narrow paned windows squint down from the second storey, and megawatt fluorescent lamps are well out of reach of the occasional tossed caber. Blue exercise mats and resilient foam square flooring designates the practice arena, a space roughly five meters across by twenty long. Old closets serve as changing rooms, storage, and a sound room for a DJ armed with his laptop and iPod. Weapons lockers bought from army surplus are bolted to the ground and walls, colourful padlocks protecting swords taller than the average toddler. Whetstones, cabers, and hurley sticks are lashed behind nets to keep from getting in the way.

Floor to ceiling metal shelves lurk behind a blackboard used for scoring matches, stuffed with collapsed crates and plywood kindling hacked by sharp objects. Rubbish litters the concrete floor back into the receding gloom, broken chairs mixed with rope and snapped chains. Skittering rats make appearances without much fanfare despite the decidedly clean interior.


Zone: East
Grid: I5
Concept: Highland fighting club
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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