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Logo.jpg FAQ: Changeling

  • Q: Can I play a changeling?
A: The Lost sphere is currently not open to players.
  • Q: Are the Lost on the grid as NPCs?
A: If they exist, the Awakened do not know about it.
  • Q: What's the Silver Pact? How does it affect mage and Lost relations?
A: Several mages and changelings struck a mutual non-aggression pact centuries ago. These parties agreed to abide by the clauses, though poor historical records prevent knowing for certain if they ever did. The Silver Pact lapsed when efforts by the Silver Ladder to locate any changelings from Dun Eidyn freehold failed.
  • Q: Is Dun Eidyn freehold still there?
A: No one knows.
  • Q: Is the Fae Arcadia same as Mage Arcadia?
A: Acanthi say it most certainly isn't.

Changelings in Plots
  • Q: Can I use the Lost in a plot?
A: No.
  • Q: Are the Gentry, Loyalists, Privateers or hobgoblins allowable for plots?
A: Yes, once the sphere opens.
  • Q: Can a mage be abducted?
A: Until further notice, any abducted mage will be turned into an NPC per character death rules.
  • Q: My Acanthus studies the fae, does he know about Lost?
A: "Lost" lore is shady and sketchy at best. The last proclaimed experts died generations ago.
  • Q: Can an Awakening Acanthus meet a fae in Arcadia?
A: No Lost or True Fae exists at the Supernal watchtower. Plenty of things that look like faeries do, though.
  • Q: Are Lost involved with the other Consilii?
A: No. You won't hear Texan mages talking about a certain courtier from Austin over coffee.

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