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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Chapel

Humble grey stones licked by fungi and time conceal Edinburghs oldest extant building, the chapel legend claims Scotland's patron saint, Queen Margaret, founded. Its quiet simplicity has weathered nine centuries, abandonment, use as a gunpowder store, and the onslaught of tourists. Two plain archways pierce the two-foot thick walls and lead to the narrow nave. Rows of oak bench seats bearing carved emblems associated with the saint face the modest altar. Elaborate embroidery tells of her life and work on the cloth, a spot of brilliant hues in otherwise subdued surroundings.

Chevron mouldings decorate the traditional rouncel arch guarding the rounded apse at the head of the chapel. A copy of St. Margaret's Gospel book stands open in a display case near a pillar, watched over by stained glass windows depicting Saints Andrew, Ninian, Columba, Margaret, and Sir William Wallace from the 1920s. Only a few tourists the hallowed site at a time, reinforcing its modest size and intimacy.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT B4
Concept: Chapel
Resources: 3
Security: 5

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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