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Logo.jpg FAQ: CharGen

  • Q: If I disconnect in CharGen, will my stats be wiped?
A: No. Your stats are saved.
  • Q: When are my Path attribute and bonus Merits applied?
A: By staff at the end of CharGen.
  • Q: If I selected Mental Attributes as my primary attributes, do I have to pick Social Skills as my primary skill category?
A: No. You can arrange your mental, physical, and social categories however you like. However, a Skill usually rolls Attribute from a matching category. Persuasion (a social Skill) doesn't usually use Mental or Physical attributes.
  • Q: Can I shift points around, like 12/6/4?
A: No.
  • Q: Do I have to spend all my points?
A: No, but you're advised to.
  • Q: How much starting XP do I get?
A: 35 XP. -5 if you were trained outside Anglesey, Bergen or Londinium, or begin with a starting age below 26.
  • Q: Why are Arcana, Gnosis, and maximum Skill ranks limited?
A: To encourage diversified characters instead of front-loaded stats that maximize the system. Revelations is telling a story about young mages reclaiming a mystical kingdom to its summer glory or plunging it into winter so a new power structure can rise, and we want the heroes to be less-experienced characters -- not the veterans and the existing heroes.
  • Q: Can I play a character with stats outside the accepted rulebooks?
A: No, we do not permit unapproved materials without Director consent.
NPC characters with external materials must be vetted by director and sphere leads. Any such use will be flagged and documented.

  • Q: What's the general power level of characters?
A: The game starts with slightly experienced mages recently released by their mentors (35 starting XP), flush with idealism and wonder (or less cynicism, for a Guardian). They are still growing into their competency and exploring the magical world.
  • Q: What concepts are you looking for?
A: See our Concepts page for updated information. We would like mages taught in Edinburgh's four allied cities, who were sent here by a mentor or with their cabal to get involved with the unstable situation engulfing the Royal Society.
  • Q: Can I adopt one of the NPCs?
A: Certain NPCs without Mentored mages are adoptable as characters for players active longer than 60 days. Admins will work with you to explain pre-existing relationships and RP. Mentor NPCs require consultation with the characters who invested in the Mentor merit.
  • Q: Are the mentors on the mentor list the only options?
A: You can make your own mentor or ask to use a pre-existing one.
  • Q: Are noble characters allowed?
A: Royals are not, other concepts subject to approval. Preference will be given to Silver Ladder characters and at least one dot in the Status Merit to represent political connections is required.
  • Q: Should I type out my character’s accent?
A: Please avoid heavily accented poses as they’re hard to read.

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