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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Cloister

Cloisters resurrects the spirit of the old school pub before flashy plasma TVs and pounding music replaced exceptional service. The source of its indefinable charm is hard to put a finger on. Mismatched tables and low booths occupy the snug stone cloister of St Michael's Church next door, giving the commons an informal air. An impressive range of whiskeys and top-shelf spirits stocked in carved mahogany cabinets along the back well rival the numerous microbrews on tap. Vestiges of divinity influence the octagonal layout and a torturous corkscrew staircase leading to the washrooms and storage closet downstairs. Patrons order pints of the popular Tradewinds, Thistly Cross cider, and house special Holy Gr'ale' up at the lustrous wraparound bar and catch up with the bartenders like the oldest chums, even if they have never met. The tenders pour a proper pint, their unrivaled knowledge of ales an astonishing resource consulted by sommeliers and enthusiasts.

Somehow this intimately dim sanctuary remains the province of the common people. Not a night goes by without a full house, the warm lamps blazing past the witching hour. Students loiter for hours playing a boardgame from the stash stuffed in a worn rack by the door, their professors arguing politics or reading across the way. Conversations engulf whole tables and their neighbours fraternize freely over another round. Coveted seats by the window provide an ideal spot to people-watch or pen the great Scottish novel accosted by none but a fat ginger tabby cat.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: B5
Concept: Craft Pub
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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