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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Colinton

Over nine hundred years, Colinton has grown from a collection of huts around a parish church dedicated to St. Cuthbert to a garden suburb spilling over steep Torphin Hill to a dell carved out by the Water of Leith. The Industrial Revolution stripped much of the innate beauty to make way for factories, trees and farms sacrificed to Father Coal and Mother Iron. Unremarkable houses bear a depressing uniformity of stone facing and narrow windows, differentiated by families planting gardens and painting the trimming. The old village features tiny workers’ cottages on steep streets running down to conservation parkland along the Water of Leith Walkway. Specialty shops, art studios, and hairdressers dwell in 19th century buildings preserved from overzealous redevelopment by their plucky tenants.

The Union Canal running from Glasgow to Edinburgh unites with the restored riverside, carrying shallow barges, houseboats, and kayakers along the sinuous meanders. Wildlife shares the corridor with cyclists and ramblers, birds swooping through the canopy and small mammals thriving in the ferny undergrowth where Robert Louis Stephenson played years ago. The parklands spread east around Redford Barracks, two ornate stone annexes built to house a full regiment. Parade grounds and stables for cavalry units serve administrative functions of the 3rd Battalion, the Rifles, stationed on site.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: E7
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: Bonaly Tower
Checkmate Pawn
Affiliations: None

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