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Concept: The secret servant of MI11
Apparent Age: 45
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: The Eleventh Question
Status: Councilor
Cabal: Fourth Estate


The corruption of the best things gives rise to the worst.

-- David Hume

A man of many faces and names, the Mastigos Councilor is known among the Royal Society as Connery -- a fact that amuses, irritates, and flatters him. His unparalleled investigative skills and spycraft make him a deadly, effective intelligence agent. He may be the best informed man north of London, but rarely reveals a fraction of what he knows. Caledonia was not credited as a flashpoint among spies, but MI11, as the Guardians are officially called, knows better.

Among the mortal world, Connery is a bestselling thriller and historical fiction writer under two pseudonyms and two lucrative contracts at publishing houses. Most of the Consilium knows his dirty little secret writing spy novels (which he adamantly denies are anything but political fiction), and common knowledge assumes he came out of a secret service like MI5, MI6 or SAS. In classic fashion, he refuses to divulge any details. Attempts to unearth his past end up hopelessly stymied by labyrinthine traps or invite visits from his MI11 counterparts in the middle of the night.

Connery obsesses over the state of the Royal Society’s security from esoteric threats, and he battles a shadow war carried on by his predecessors for decades. Edinburgh suffers from the blight afflicting the UK, and plentiful vices or despair breed powerful enemies. Pawns move according to a subtle plan executed over years. He instructs interested cabals on the growing cesspools while reserving the worst-hit areas for his personal attentions. The interest is more than professional. His most gifted protege, the mage Scathefire, succumbed to corruption in gang-hit Craigmillar chasing down spawned goetic demons. His hatred for the Abyss is nigh legendary.

The pervasive rumours he owns the Bond-themed club 007 are patently untrue. Really.


  • General interests are open speculation, and said to involve cheap scotch.
  • Teaches basic security and observation techniques.
  • Tips from informants are always welcome.

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