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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Corstorphine


Corstorphine is a leafy, greying suburb languishing in Edinburgh's shadow, its era of prosperity stuttering under a westward wave of rampant change. Shuttered schools and the vacant Queen Margaret University campus are visible wounds the community struggles to fill. Its long history of independence from the city and industrialization that engulfed surrounding villages draws to a close under the crushing weight of recession. Industrial and commercial sites centered on the old Glasgow Road, the original link connecting the capital to its western rival. Subsequent motorway development and improved roads bypassed the high street, leaving behind a welter of independent shops and shrinking services. Business campuses in Gyle and Gogarburn further west fuel the Scotland's financial sector, siphoning off talent and new amenities.

Nonetheless, handsome, well-maintained bungalows lining attractive streets speak of continued affluence of the lower middle class. The architecture favours wood siding and shingles to customary lime plaster and tile roofs common to the western suburbs. Two drained lochs still provide fertile farmland for small crops and city gardens, and nearly every yard boasts a mature tree or thriving flower beds. Corstorphine Hill graces the skyline in a rich mantle of woodlands and fields, the Pentland Hills a collection of mistier slopes and ridges curving around to the southwest.


Zone: North
Grid: C5
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: Bad Medicine
Edinburgh Zoo
Affiliations: None
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