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Concept: Religious historian
Apparent Age: 50
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Order: Invisible College
Path: Moros
Legacy: -
Status: Fellow
Cabal: Grail Society


Neither can oath nor promise bind any such people to obey and maintain tyrants
against God and against his truth known.

-- John Knox

Covenant is the local Columbines' pre-eminent historian on the Catholic Church and Protestantism in Scotland. She traces lines of influence through the droves of Gaelic saints launched from Ireland and southern Britain to convert the pagans of Dal Riada, Pictland, and Northumbria to the "one true faith," and she reads the importance of ripples caused when John Knox ignited Scottish Presbyterian and changed the religious destiny of the country forever. Her praxis openly ties the religious secessions and upheavals from the 17th to the 19th centuries as mirrors to the cracks in the Supernal foundations, and the Royal Society's own challenges parallel those in the varied churches of Scotland. Her membership in the Grail Society may be confounding unless placed in the lens of Scotland as a chosen land.

Rarely seen about town except in an official capacity, Covenant has little time for socializing and fripperies that distract from her intense research. Her scholastic credentials open doors to sacked monasteries and church libraries, the National Archives, and some Fellows even claim certain porticoes at the Vatican. The latter may be highly unlikely given she is a practicing Presbyterian, having turned away from the "Wee Frees" of the Free Church of Scotland at some point in her past. It's a point she rarely discusses. The Columbines receive healthy patronage from mages across continental Europe, Ireland, and as far afield as Canada and New Zealand, all of whom seek her narrow but profound expertise.

The Invisible College knows her value. The price of her assistance is steep, most frequently in form of rare and precious documents held in private collections. Covenant has no time to perform certain tasks best delegated to junior members, and should she be refused, she washes her hands clean of the supplicant.


  • She regularly attends services at Presbyterian churches around town.
  • Her accent and mannerisms are Hebridean.
  • Harris tweed makes up most of her conservative fashion.
  • Her deep knowledge of the Celtic Christian churches would put most pastors to shame.

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