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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Craigmillar Council

1960s social housing projects left to decades of neglect and poverty set an ugly stamp on the landscape in the shadow of Holyrood Park. The crime-ridden Dumbiedykes council buildings are an eyesore and an offense to modern sensibilities. Impersonal concrete apartment blocks stained by graffiti stand row on row like scolded schoolchildren, ringed by cracked sidewalks and trash-strewn car parks. Rusted out dumpsters lurk in an overgrown soccer pitch favoured by drug dealers and thugs rather than children. The Salisbury Crags rising in majestic cliffs are the buildings’ only redeeming factor, soured by the common complaint Edinburgh turned its back on the residents.

Crooked doors that rarely latch lead into cramped lobbies, a favourite target for vandalism, of four floor towers that share identical floor plans. Dented mailboxes pried open on too many occasions line one wall, and the wastebaskets overflow with final notices, cigarette butts, and beer cans. Stained stairwells head up to the next level while noise of the residents, televisions, radios, and arguments filters down in a meaningless babble.


Zone: East
Grid: G6
Concept: Projects
Resources: 1
Security: 1

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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