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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Cramond


Ancient Cramond slumbers under a verdant blanket of tall hedgerows and the Dalmeny Woods, a parkland setting that borders the winding Almond River as it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Underneath the harbour muck and gently rolling greens, ruins of a bustling Roman fort and port lurk. Excavations since 1954 unearthed the five meter thick walls, gatehouses, and workshops sprawling across a field. Unearthed relics include pot sherds and the famed Cramond Lioness, a huge stone statue pulled up by a fisherman. A picturesque ruined water mill watches over the chattering waters that spill out near the exclusive yacht club contained behind its walls. Sleepy lanes weave past lime plastered cottages, their distinctive pitched gables peeping over mature oaks and scruffy pines, and every turn reveals another riotous garden of roses, wildflowers, and ubiquitous lavender.

Small restaurants and shops are mixed amongst tidy white rowhouses on the waterfront. The golden beach, the area’s main calling card, attracts beachcombers and ramblers on its extensive trails. Weathered cement a-frames of the causeway march out over the shallows towards Cramond Island, the remnants of World War II defenses popular among young people. Sprawling Silverknowes Golf Course bordering the outskirts features extensive greens and a challenging, internationally renowned course.


Zone: North
Grid: C2
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: None
Affiliations: None

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