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Mage.png Revelations: Credits

No game is made by one person alone, and no MUX is built without a debt of gratitude for those who pitched in, lent assistance or remembered to make us all laugh. We take a moment to commemorate the many hands that built Revelations as you see it today.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!
  • Frutiger gets a thousand thank yous for the munificent gesture of hosting an alliance.
  • And the staff at Tex Mux for graciously offering hosting and code support.
  • SpaceIvey for helping out with stealth fixes. That's our Morayyy!
  • Orkney for code layout and design assistance in the alpha phases.

A Thousand Thank Yous
  • Elgin for wiki design and wicked approval-fu.
  • Fife for being a cheerful ideas board.
  • Ygraine as a trove of Scottish history and lore, without whom the game would be much the poorer.

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