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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Currie

Currie dwells out of sight and therefore out of mind to most cosmopolitan residents of Edinburgh, a forgotten waystation on the winding route to the Lowlands. The small bedroom community shares little in common with the glamorous, upscale capital except origins in dusty antiquity. Railway links and the Edinburgh Bypass ease commuting into the city centre from the planned council housing. Neat, arrow-straight streets form up in gridded ranks in an architect’s dream against nodding fields of barley and farmland yet to be plowed under and paved over. Lanark Road is the major thoroughfare, tracing the course of the Water of Leith as it meanders gently northeast. Riccarton Arms hotel anchors a string of small businesses struggling through tough economic times, if boarded up lots and garages are anything to go by.

The land rises soft curves and ridges above the steep, wooded dell filled by the river. Currie Hill forms the backbone of the village, and residences on the north slopes enjoy a fine view of Edinburgh’s skyline against the misty cobalt Firth of Forth. Private estates cluster in woodlands that secures the privacy around Currie Kirk south of the Waters of Leith, and development peters out altogether behind their yards. Rough terrain is left to the sheep ruling the pastoral atmosphere.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: B7
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: None
Affiliations: None

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