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Date of  Birth: 08/02/1980
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Forensic Anthropologist
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Order: Steel Legion
Path: Moros
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: None
Origins: Anglesey
Mentor: Finley


Science does not know its debt to imagination.


  From accent to mannerisms, Deidre has Irish lass written all over her. On the surface, at least. A very thin, flimsy surface. Beneath she's socially awkward: prone to blunt, tactless truths and misunderstandings of societal niceties. Pop culture, blasé jokes; they all go over her head. She's a tireless forensics agent for the Edinburgh police, seen in the company of the coroner more than most. To the point that some detectives make jokes about it. She rarely socializes outside of work... not that many ask.

Within the Order, she has remained seemingly content in the lower echelons. She's devoted herself to her studies and done little by way of integrating herself with her fellow Steel Legionnaires in Edinburgh. This, however, has begun to change, as she has started offering up her services in investigating the unjust deaths of fellow Mages.


  • History, anthropology- all those "nerdy" studies
  • Forensics
  • Beer

  Perhaps slightly over average height, Deidre has a fit figure. A pleasant balance of curves and muscle to hint at one who lives a healthy lifestyle. Her skin has a slightly dusky hint to it, speaking of perhaps a touch of Black Irish ancestry. This is echoed in shaped, dark eyebrows above strikingly pale blue eyes that hold a hint of a grey storm in their depths. Her features are angular, but hold a bold symmetry to them. Aquiline nose is balanced between high cheekbones over a squared, yet still feminine chin. Laugh lines edge her lips and eyes, but she still has a look of youth. Brown hair -- with hints of honey gold -- boasts a soft wave to it, falling (when left unbound) to her shoulderblades.

  Deidre often dresses smart, with a professional bent. One theme however is that her clothing always allows freedom of movement. Blouses of soft, loose -- though not baggy -- material and slacks that fit without being too snug. She wears matching blazers for work, with belt bearing a badge and basic tools of the forensics business when on duty. Basic black boots round out near every outfit. When on duty, her hair is usually back in a simple bun or braid. She usually has basic studs in her ears and the chain of a necklace can usually be spotted around her neck (though rarely visible over her blouse).

Deidre2.jpg Deidre3.jpg Deidre4.jpg


  • Edinburgh Police
  • Coroner



  • Other People Can Leave a Thing Here
  • "Competent. She knows her laws." - Faoladh
  • "Could we ease down on the creepy stoic Black Irish thing? A smidge?" - Dextra
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